• Discovering a Couple of the Advantages of Having a Power Wheelchair in Chicago, IL

    Approximately 19 million people in the United States suffer from mobility issues. For some, the problem is relatively minor. In other cases, it greatly detracts from their quality of life and leaves them unable to enjoy the activities and outings that once gave them pleasure. Several options are available to those who are living with limited mobility, such as power lifts, manual wheelchairs, and occupational therapy. Still, all those alternatives can often leave people with a lot to be desired. If you or someone you love is living with limited mobility, yet another solution is on the market: power wheelchairs.


    What Are the Benefits of Power Wheelchairs?


    A Power Wheelchair In Chicago, IL can offer numerous benefits for people who suffer from mobility issues. Power wheelchairs provide more mobility than their manual counterparts, allowing users to go more places and enjoy more activities. That alone is worth its weight in gold, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. Far more advantages enter the mix as well.


    Greater Stability


    Manual wheelchairs aren't always weighted as well as they could be due to their design and lightweight construction. That's not the case with a power wheelchair. It's heavier, which could make loading and unloading it more difficult, but that weight also makes power chairs much more stable. They're not as likely to tip over, and their power motors and braking systems help keep them from sliding backward, forward, or side to side. Users can rest assured that they offer far more stability and sturdiness than manual chairs.


    Improved Safety


    Stability is certainly a safety feature for power wheelchairs, but they also enhance safety in other ways. People in IL who are living with limited mobility often try to carry out tasks that are beyond their capabilities in an effort to maintain their lifestyles. This increases their risk of falling and sustaining injuries. If they have a power wheelchair, they have more freedom and mobility. That means they're not as likely to overextend themselves and far less likely to injure themselves in the process.


    Regaining Power over Your Life with a Power Wheelchair


    Those are only a few of the advantages power wheelchairs have to offer. Companies like Choice Mobility are here to help people enjoy all those benefits. If you or a loved one is experiencing mobility issues, plenty of options are available to you. A power chair can help solve many of the problems limited mobility presents while giving you the power to take back your life.